You know how sometimes people post stuff and go “Can we talk about this?” 

Riiiight right well this request is tantamount to a command, because bowlingforgerbils we are going to talk about this. [slams fist on table]

We are talking about this. 

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THAT IS SO FUCKING ADORABLE. How considerate of him to ask if he can reveal your name awwww. GOSH. GOLLY. You’re cute and he’s cute and there’s too much cuteness, I’m gonna cry.

I KNOW ahahhahah I mean I don’t think he’s actually GOING to (because he doesn’t actually use his tumblr) but that part just made me go

because of the implication that he remembers my name D: 

(Seriously, every single interaction I’ve ever had w/ Orny can be summed up by that David Spade gif, it’s SO ACCURATE)

and no YOU’RE cute Melissa, YOU’RE cute!!! 

That is Orny’s response to my compliments too. “You’re adorable” “no YOU’RE adorable” “NO YOU’RE ADORABLE” the first time 

and the second time it was “Thanks for being special” “no YOU’RE special” “no yOU’RE SPECIAL” “NO YOU’RE SPECIAL” and holy geez everyone needs to know just how cute he is dammit I AM SORRY FOR GUSHING SO MUCH I JUST LOVE HIM A LOT MELISSA YOU KNOW?????? (I mean. I know YOU know. But for everyone else: I’m sorry.)

bowlingforgerbils replied to your post: That horrible feeling when you go “uh …

Have you fallen for a chicken?

Holy geez

AHAHAH I genuinely did not expect anybody to read the tags off a post like that. Therefore now I have to clarify. I think the best way for me to clarify, though, would be to make gifs. Then, you will see that he actually gets chicken feed thrown at his head. (Except if I did, it’d be like… angrier. Angry chicken-feed-throwing.)

That horrible feeling when you go “uh oh…” as you realize you’re in the early stages of falling into another celebrity crush and your fingers are slipping as you’re grabbing onto the edge but then you can’t hold on any longer and then you just tumble down into that rabbit hole in which you’re going to watch all of their movies and basically you’re just gonna start crying over their entire life CRYING I TELL YOU CRYING

I forgot to mention that on one of my flights recently, as I was exiting the plane, one of the crew was congratulating the pilot, “Nice landing!” I mean… as though a nice, smooth landing is a rarity for that particular pilot. Like maybe Martin Crieff flew my plane.



I think the best assesment of the scene I ever saw was in heydon’tjudgeme's recap:

'I imagine Pentecost is at the same emotional level as watching your kid’s first football game and getting interrupted because your dumb nephew blew up the concession stand.'

That comment is golden.

Omfg I laughed so much at your spitting tag. And I wanted to include that in some form but couldn't figure out how. AHAHAH poor Hewlett. It's like how I wanted Scientist to be like Second Cricket. And in this crossover Hewlett and Cricket can be friends! Hahhaha


I have never seen so much spitting in a single episode of anything. Any crossover has to have Charlie spitting at Hewlett, so it might as well be written by someone who enjoys that sort of thing, right?

I have to admit, I’ve become so attached to my version of Scientist that the idea of him becoming a Second Cricket makes me sad. But Hewlett is totally fair game! Lousy Redcoats! *spits*

 (from bowlingforgerbils)

pretty much. 

but YOU are the light of MINE XD

but YOU are the light of MINE XD

It Always Turns Sunny in Philadelphia

yeah I was waiting a long time to make this, hahaha. Dedicated to the-oxford-english-fangirl!

Oh, and someone is writing Historical AU Charlie Kelly/Major Hewlett fanfic, right? RIGHT?

By the way if anyone does want to write that fic please include Colonel Cricket as Major Hewlett’s associate thank you so very, very much.


I can’t believe Pacific Rim isn’t even nominated for any of the MTV Movie Awards. And I’m not saying it should’ve been nominated for Movie Of The Year, or that Hermann and Newt should be Best On-Screen Duo, because I realise not everyone watches it in the same light that hardcore PR fans do, but I would have nominated Best Fight - Gipsy Danger against Leatherback and Otachi at least.